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Bob Dylan, Nobel Prize Laureate: 50 Years of Performance and Poetry

Professor Wm. Arctander O’Brien

New challenges, cultural values, and technologies are changing design?—?the combining of people and technology to make the world a better place. Pervasive networked devices have freed design from the confines of the lab: design increasingly roams at large. Many of these designs meld the physical, digital, and social worlds. The successes are tremendously exciting, but the failure rate is high. Therein lies the challenge. Currently, many design practices are faith-based rather than research-based. Why is there a shortfall of principles for effective design?

Instructor: In 2016 Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize in Literature for having “created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” Catapulted to fame as a folk and rock star in the 1960s, Dylan has produced 60 new albums, roughly one every year, since then. He has also been performing live and continues to do so today at 76. Dylan is not just a phenomenon of the 1960s; he has been very much with us since then and remains so. In this class we will look at and listen to what Dylan has been doing from 1963 to the present. We will watch Dylan in performance, and we will talk about what he meant to us then and what he means now.

Coordinator: Ira Nelson

Course Number: OSHR-70154   Credit: 0 units


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