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Dangerous Decisions: Male Choice and Sexual Cannibalism in Praying Mantises

Professor Mike Maxwell

Male choice is expected when the costs of reproduction are high for a given sex. In species where females cannibalize males during courtship or copulation, mating is potentially lethal for males. In sexually cannibalistic species, then, one can expect males to discriminate among females, seeking females that are “well-fed.” This talk examines male choice in the sexually cannibalistic mantis Stagmomantis limbata.

Instructor: Mike Maxwell is a professor in mathematics and natural sciences at National University in San Diego. He examines reproductive physiology, behavior, and ecology in invertebrates, particularly praying mantises. He received a BA in Biology from UC San Diego and a PhD in Animal Behavior from UC Davis.

Coordinator: Mavis Porter

Course Number: OSHR-70157   Credit: 0 units


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