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Musculoskeletal Loss and Exercise During Space Flight

Professor Alan R. Hargens

During space flight, astronauts experience musculoskeletal losses and moderate to severe back pain. There is also a significant incidence of herniated intervertebral disc, especially in the first year after return to Earth. Professor Hargens’s lab studies International Space Station crew pre- and post-flight to ascertain mechanisms of back pain and injury and to develop exercise countermeasures. As this lecture will explain, the long-term objectives are to (1) promote crew health and well-being in flight, (2) optimize post-flight rehabilitation, and (3) translate the findings to benefit those of us who are earthbound.

Instructor: Alan Hargens is Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at UC San Diego. He previously served as Chief of the Space Physiology Branch and Space Station Project Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center. His recent research concerns gravity effects on the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems of humans and animals. He has published extensively and holds eight patents. In June 2017, Hargens was awarded the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal (the highest form of recognition NASA awards to a non-government individual).

Coordinator: Joel E. Dimsdale

Course Number: OSHR-70159   Credit: 0 units


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