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The Neural Substrates of Sensorimotor Gating

Professor Neal Swerdlow

A healthy brain automatically inhibits or “gates” the conscious intrusion of low-priority information, in favor of information that is “mission critical.” Several different brain disorders manifest a failure to effectively “gate” disruptive or irrelevant information. Findings from studies of gating circuitry in laboratory models across species offer insights into the nature of these disorders and novel therapeutic approaches. Together, they may suggest a surprising degree of volitional control over the contents of consciousness.

Instructor: Neal Swerdlow is Professor of Psychiatry at UC San Diego. He is a graduate of Amherst College and received his MD and PhD (Neuroscience) from UCSD. He is now Vice Chair of Education and Training for the psychiatry department. Swerdlow studies the “limbic-motor interface” ¬¬— brain circuitry involved in several neuropsychiatric disorders and in the automatic and volitional control of complex behavior.

Coordinator: Joel E. Dimsdale

Course Number: OSHR-70161   Credit: 0 units


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