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Rembrandt's Rarities: Shells, Saints, and Mughal Emperors

Hilda van Neck-Yoder, PhD

Rembrandt loved curiosities — shells, skulls, a stuffed Bird of Paradise from New Guinea. This love of weird, rare, exquisite things caused him to go bankrupt in 1656 and left him in utter poverty, without students or assistants and deprived of commissions. Yet during these last years of his life, Rembrandt produced some of the most remarkable works of his career, such as biblical paintings of saints and highly unusual Mughal drawings. This lecture will explore what may have driven Rembrandt to create these rarities — works that seem to invert the dominant artistic tradition quite deliberately.

Instructor: Hilda van Neck-Yoder, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature at Howard University, was educated in the Netherlands and in the U.S. After her retirement, she became a docent at the San Diego Museum of Art and at the San Diego Opera.

Coordinator: Candace Gietzen

Course Number: OSHR-70162   Credit: 0 units


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