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Human Evolution in East Africa

Professor Christopher Wills

This talk will give an overview of the story of human evolution in Africa, showing our complex origins and tracing the emerging story of our evolution that is provided by recent analyses of our genes. We will examine why our species evolved in East Africa and how we spread to the rest of the world. Professor Wills will illustrate the lecture through his own travels and visits to local tribes in Botswana, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

Instructor: Christopher Wills is Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences and Member of the Center for Molecular Genetics at UC San Diego. He was Professor of Biology at UCSD from 1972 until his retirement in 2010. His research interests include the maintenance of genetic variability in human populations, evolution of diseases, and the forces that maintain variation in complex ecosystems such as rainforests and coral reefs. He has written several acclaimed books, including The Darwinian Tourist: Viewing the World Through Evolutionary Eyes and Green Equilibrium: Balancing the Futures of Our Species and Our Planet.

Coordinator: Dick Dahlberg

Course Number: OSHR-70163   Credit: 0 units


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