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The Science and Art of Glass

Keith Wahl, MD

Glass art is ancient yet timeless. Clear, opaque, lustrous, ordinary, fragile — yet precious and strong — glass offers endless possibilities as art pieces. While the precise origins of glass fusing techniques are not known with certainty, archeological evidence suggests that the Egyptians were familiar with the techniques as early as 2000 BCE. This lecture will explore the chemistry, physics, geology, anthropology, culture, and endless possibilities of glass as art pieces. A particular focus will be on the history and technology of modern glass fusing. Our presenter will be raffling a unique piece of fused glass to an audience member at the end of his lecture.

Instructor: Keith Wahl is a career head-and-neck surgeon and medical-device entrepreneur in San Diego. He has studied and worked as an artist as an avocation for many years. He began by studying engraving and printmaking and later carved glass. His work evolved to fused glass in the early 2000s. Wahl received his medical degree from UC Irvine.

Coordinator: Steve Clarey

Course Number: OSHR-70168   Credit: 0 units


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