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Generation Z and the Undergraduate Experience of Today

Rabbi David Singer

The current generation of undergraduates has grown up in an age of terror. They have never known a time without war. They have known the internet since birth and the smartphone since kindergarten. Daily they have met the whirl of social change: gay marches and transgender protests, same-sex marriage, drug use including legal marijuana, gun use including legally-allowed concealed weapons. On campus they have lobbied for trigger warnings and safe space. Who are these students? What do they hope for from UC San Diego?

Instructor: Rabbi David Singer is Executive Director of UCSD Hillel. A California native, he studied history at UC Berkeley and is a graduate of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies at the American Jewish University. Named by the Jewish Daily Forward as one of America's most inspiring rabbis, he is a graduate of Clal's Clergy Leadership Incubator and is a fellow of Rabbis Without Borders.

Coordinator: Barbara Leondar

Course Number: OSHR-70168   Credit: 0 units


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